Make learning stick with quizzes, polls, excerpts and files.

Learning in the flow

Do more than just say it—reinforce it. Leverage a variety of learning to-do's; polls, quizzes, readings and attachments, all inside the PX Player.


Help your learners retain knowledge by doing through short multiple-choice tests.


Generate team-wide insights and deeper team discussions with simple polls.


Add text-based references to articles, journals or books and highlight key areas that support your teaching, with links to full references.

Files & attachments

Attach resources like documents, PDFs or external links to support your learning objectives and accountability.

Learning analytics

All learning to-do results are captured in your learning analytics. Make results public, anonymous or private.

PlatformX Learning Analytics

Team learning app

Deliver engaging, transformative learning anywhere teams work.

Team learning

16x more effective than individual online learning

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Short-form videos and podcasts for the flow of life

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Make your learning stick with quizzes, polls and more

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Your team’s hub for learning—just like Slack workspaces

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Learner experience

Passwordless auth is just the beginning

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Learning intelligence

Measure engagement, gain insights and prove ROI

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Creator coach

Real-life assistant helping you create great short video

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Pro services

Learning strategy & creative production pros at your service

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