Deliver a learning experience that teams love through mobile-ready videos and podcasts.

Learning series

PlatformX Learning is simple, social and scalable. Short-form learning maximises outcomes & delivers business growth through the power of teams.


Leverage the power of immersive video experiences that build connection and drive engagement.


Short-from audio that’s more engaging than text and is easy to create. Perfect for when learning can be engaged with passively without visuals.

Learning chats

Deliver learning experiences that drive team discussion, personal growth and 16x better outcomes.

Learning to-do's

Quizzes, polls, readings and files support learning transfer and deepen engagement.

PlatformX Learning To-do's

Learning analytics

Individual progress is tracked and contrasted against team-wide metrics, motivating your team to grow together.

PlatformX Learning Analytics

Creator app

Tools, training and access to a Creator Coach to help you create and deliver great, engaging learning content on PlatformX.

PlatformX Creator App

Team learning app

Deliver engaging, transformative learning anywhere teams work.

Team learning

16x more effective than individual online learning

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Short-form videos and podcasts for the flow of life

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Make your learning stick with quizzes, polls and more

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Your team’s hub for learning—just like Slack workspaces

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Learner experience

Passwordless auth is just the beginning

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Learning intelligence

Measure engagement, gain insights and prove ROI

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Creator coach

Real-life assistant helping you create great short video

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Pro services

Learning strategy & creative production pros at your service

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