Team Learning

Harness the 16x power of team learning through the only learning platform built specifically for teams.

Learning that teams love

Simple, social and scalable. Maximise learning outcomes with the continuous team learning needed for continuous business growth.

Learning for today

Stay on task and in-touch. Daily tasks create new habits so learning can happen whenever and wherever suits best.


Learning series with short, mobile-first videos so your team can learn in the flow of life.

PlatformX Microcourses

Time-sensitive learning

Highlight your just-in-time videos to focus your team on what's most important to your organisation.

Transparent progress

From the intern to the CEO—everyone knows how they're tracking for team-wide accountability inside a safe space. Close those rings!

Frictionless onboarding

Password-less authentication, streamlined account creation and onboarding means less time getting set-up, and more time learning.


Centralised spaces for teams for learning across organisations, seamlessly—much like Slack workspaces.

PlatformX Learnspaces

Team learning app

Deliver engaging, transformative learning anywhere teams work.

Team learning

16x more effective than individual online learning

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Short-form videos and podcasts for the flow of life

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Make your learning stick with quizzes, polls and more

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Your team’s hub for learning—just like Slack workspaces

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Learner experience

Passwordless auth is just the beginning

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Learning intelligence

Measure engagement, gain insights and prove ROI

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Creator coach

Real-life assistant helping you create great short video

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Pro services

Learning strategy & creative production pros at your service

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